Intestinal Health

Short chain fatty acids are an important ingredient to keep the intestine healthy.

The intestine is one of the most important human organs and has several functions. Together with the intestinal flora, it ensures the digestion of food, absorbs the nutrients through the intestinal wall, eliminates toxins and regulates the water balance of body. In addition, the intestine generates a series of messengers which allow communication with other organs and the brain. The immune system depends decisively on the intestine. About 80% of all immune cells are located in the intestine. A diseased intestine impairs the physical health comprehensively.

How can short-chain fatty acids help to keep the intestine healthy? Short-chain fatty acids serve as a source of energy for intstinal bacteria and for the cells of the intestinal wall. These cells maintain a protective layer to repel harmful bacteria and viruses and ensure that only substances useful to humans migrate through the intestinal wall. In a healthy intestine the intestinal bacteria produce short chain fatty acids by degradation of fibre-rich food. But the modern and Western diet commonly comprises low-fibre food. This can result in an insufficient number of short-chain fatty acids being produced and in a changed istestinal flora for lack of nutrition. Before a disturbed intestinal flora normalizes again by a change of diet, months to years can pass. Furthermore, there are important effects of the short-chain fatty acids for the metabolism and the immune system.

News about Intestinal Health:

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