Dispatch shall be arranged by PHAMETRA Pharma- und Medica-Trading GmbH, Herne.

Time of Delivery
As a rule, the time of delivery for the items shall be 2 to 3 workdays from receipt of payment.

Items Shipped by Forwarder
Due to their size or weight, some items shall be shipped by forwarder. The forwarding agent shall agree a delivery date with you.

Information on the Time of Delivery
The exact time of delivery for your purchase order shall be displayed in the shopping cart in case of online ordering or be personally communicated to you by our staff in case of a ordering by phone. If you have indicated your e-mail address when placing the order, we shall also send you an acknowledgment in which the time of delivery is once more acknowledged to you. Via your e-mail address, we shall also provide you with other useful information in connection with your PO, such as delivery and return confirmations or free-of-charge payment reminders.

In case some of the items should not be available at short notice or the promised time of delivery cannot be observed, we shall inform you by e-mail.

Part Shipment
In case of too long waiting time, we shall automatically split the shipment, this means that you first receive the available items, whereas the delayed items follow in a separate shipment. If your e-mail address was communicated to us, we shall inform you by means of a delivery confirmation about the dispatch of your PO in several parcels.

Logistics Partner
The ordered items shall be packed by us as soon as possible and handed over to our logistics partner ready for dispatch. Please note that we have no influence on delays caused by our logistics partner.

Tracking of Shipments
Based on your parcel identity number/shipment number, you can at any time get information on the current status of shipment of your parcel, if the mode of shipment does not provide for parcel tracking. Further information on tracking of shipments can be gathered from your delivery confirmation sent by e-mail or from our telephone customer support.